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Debbie Hoover

Art Teacher
Work Phone: (206) 283-7031 x145 Blog: Mrs. Hoover\’s Art Blog

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B.A., Art History, University of Washington


I began my journey as an art teacher over 30 years ago, when I viewed a van Gogh exhibit at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York. I fell in love and had a desire to learn more. I began by pursuing a B.A. in Art History from the University of Washington. My desire to give children the opportunity to see and respond to art led me to sharing the Junior League’s fabulous Northwest Art collection to students in Seattle. During the time I was the art teacher at St. Joseph School in Seattle, I also worked as a studio volunteer for Artist Unlimited, a fine art program for artists with disabilities. During my eight years at Artist Unlimited, my duties developed into board president, auction chair, and facilitating art exhibits at Bumbershoot and Bellevue Art Museum.


Over 10 years ago, I joined the OLF community to share my passion of the arts with kindergarten through 8th grade students. My instructional focus is on the elements of art, history, and technique. Students are provided options for how to use their personal voice through design choices, subject matter selection, and use of media as we all work on a common goal. My greatest joy is seeing the enthusiasm of the students and witnessing their growth throughout their years at OLF.


I believe creation is the highest level of learning because art is the thread that links all the academic subjects to our own personal lives. Art enhances other subjects and at the same time stands alone as a unique and irreplaceable learning experience. My hope is to give students “art eyes” to notice and respond to the world around them and be confident in their ability to use design knowledge in whatever they do.


My free time is often spent with my creative friends viewing and creating art. Road trips, traveling with friends and family, and working in my garden provides me lots of opportunities to gather ideas and to collect objects to use in the creative process.


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