Kindergarten Readiness

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It is exciting for both children and their parents when it comes time to look forward to kindergarten. At Our Lady of Fatima School, children who are five years old on or before August 31 can be considered for admission. It is important for each child’s success when starting school that he or she is, and feels, ready to learn. Every kindergarten applicant meets one-on-one with the principal or kindergarten teacher around February and goes through Gesell Readiness Screening, a fun, 20-minute assessment that includes conversation, drawing, and building blocks. Gesell Readiness has no right or wrong answers; you cannot prepare your child for it. It is a direct observation of a child’s growth and development, and focuses on four areas:

  1. Personal and social behavior
  2. Neurological and motor growth
  3. Language development
  4. Overall adaptive behavior

A fee of $75 is payable at the time of the Gesell Readiness screening. Parents are welcome to make an appointment at any time and will be told of the results right away.