Tuition and Fees

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Tuition rates are communicated each spring and is given with the yearly registration agreement. There are in-parish and full-cost rates. Families eligible for in-parish tuition are expected to be active and participating members of Our Lady of Fatima Parish for at least six months prior to school registration.

Families receive the in-parish tuition rate when all the following criteria are met:
1. Family has completed a registration card at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish office.
2. Student(s) baptismal certificate(s) are on file in the school office (those baptized at OLF or elsewhere).
3. Family files a Sacrificial Giving Card each year reflecting a minimum yearly contribution of $25.00 per week to support Our Lady of Fatima Parish.
4. Family regularly attends weekly Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish.
5. Family is involved in parish life.

Tuition and Sacrificial Giving are both monitored through the school office.

Tuition may be paid in full or in monthly installments. Our Lady of Fatima uses the FACTS Tuition Management program. Parents may check which option they prefer on the tuition contract.

2017-18 K-8 Tuition

# of children Active Parishioner Out of Parish
1 $7,248 $10,397
2 $13,772 $20,794
3 $18,483 $31,191
4 $21,740 $41,588

2017-18 Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

Days per Week 1 child at OLF (PS-8) 2 children at OLF (PS-8) 3+ children at OLF (PS-8)
3 (PS Only) $420/month $378/month $361/month
4 (PS Only) $525/month $452/month $431/month
5 (PS & PK) $630/month $517/month $492/month

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for families who are unable to meet the full cost of tuition through the Fulcrum Foundation. Those seeking financial assistance must apply each January for the next school year. Applications are available online.

For more information regarding our tuition assistance program, please click here.