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The Our Lady of Fatima Auction is an annual spring event and the largest fundraiser of the year, making it the most significant contributor to the school’s operating budget. The auction is sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Club and is supported by parents, students, staff and the broader Seattle community.

With a new creative theme each year, the auction provides numerous fun volunteer opportunities for families to collaborate and work together in support of the common goal of helping the school and all its students.

The format for the evening typically takes a traditional auction format, including a live and silent auction, dinner, music, dancing, and other entertainment.

In addition to raising funds for Fatima, attendees “raise the paddle” to support another school in need.

Our 2017-2018 school auction will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018, in the school gym. This year’s auction theme is “HAVANA NIGHTS” – think Rat Pack with a tropical twist!

Your family’s auction donation description is due to be submitted via the auction website no later than Wednesday, January 31st! The auction website where you will submit your donation description is now up and running! Click HERE to enter your donation items and descriptions!

The commitment from each K-8 school family is cash or a new item of value worth at least $300. For families with children in only Preschool and/or Pre-K, the commitment is cash or a new item of value worth at least $150. Physical donations must be turned in to the school office by Friday, February 23rd. If you are cashing out for $300 – please drop off a check (credit cards are not taken for donations) off in the office made out to Our Lady of Fatima School. Please write “auction donation” in the note section of your check. This donation can be made before the end of the year if you prefer. For parties or experiences, please create a certificate to provide to the buyer as proof of purchase. Certificates should contain your contact information and any and all parameters or restrictions for the party/experience such as blackout dates, whether or not pets are accepted, etc.

We appreciate it very much when descriptions and items are turned in ON TIME – having to track people down is extremely time consuming, so thank you for your consideration.

We ask that you please NOT solicit items from local businesses without checking first with the Auction Office. Chances are that we have already contacted that business.

Not sure what to donate? The most successful auction items are UNIQUE experiences:

  1. Items that cannot be purchased elsewhere do very well! We will say it again – the most successful items are unique experiences.
  2. We have some experiences that we would like to be able to purchase such as gift cards to El Gaucho, The Great Wolf Lodge, etc., so if you would like to participate in something like that, please contact me.
  3. We also do very well with parties. The auction theme this year sets a great tone for parties: rum tasting, salsa lessons, etc. Over the years, there have been fun ladies cocktail nights, mother and son bowling, murder mystery dinner parties, back yard BBQs, etc. that have been a huge success. These are items that multiple families can put together.
  4. Trips far away and close getaways are also very successful. If you have a home or hotel points or airline points, these are all items that do very well! We can help you put a package together that works.
  5. Restaurant gift cards and items that can be packaged are also very successful items.

The format of the auction will be similar to last year:

  • Dress Code = cocktail attire, retro if you like.
  • Invitations for the auction will be sent out in mid-February. If you would like an invite sent to someone (such as a family member or neighbor), please let the auction office know.
  • We will have an online auction in April. Friends and family are welcome to participate.
  • Art Projects will be displayed in Starbucks during the month of April.
  • The Dinner, Almost Live table and Live Auction take place the night of the event, Saturday, April 28. Our auctioneers are Pat Cashman & Chris Cashman!
  • Following the Live Auction, we will have our usual DJ to help us dance the night away (or at least until the neighbors complain).
  • There will be two raffles the night of the auction.
  • We are working on the fund-an-item and will announce what it is very soon.

How do I VOLUNTEER for the auction you ask?

In the next couple of weeks, the auction committee lists will come out. Think about how you would like to be involved! This event takes everyone’s help and commitment.

Volunteer Lead Positions that we still need to fill are: help with Procurement, Raffle Lead, Live Spotter Lead, and Managing the High School Students that help the night of the auction.

Thank you for your support of our most important school fundraiser of the year! Please email me ( with any questions.

– Jenn Wathen, Development Director (December 2017)