Memorial Gifts

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Persons or family members may select our school as the recipient of memorial gifts. Those on whose behalf the gifts are designated have their name placed on the school’s Memorial Plaque and are remembered at every student Mass. We are thankful for the gifts we have received:

Frederick N. Hoover – George Hashimoto – Verena Parent
Very Rev. James H. Doogan, JCL – David Loucks – Mary Kalnin
Marcella Redlinger – Ruth R. Paduano – Marie Whitley
Leonard Morgan, Sr. – Bonnie Fiorini – Pauline H. Cowen
Loren DeWeese – Joan Santucci – Anna Redlinger
William R. Conroy – Leonard Morgan, Jr. – Al Small
Mary Joyce Foss – Marjorie Carson – Mary Boitano
Ted McDowall – George R. Foss – Nick Scrivanich
Janice D. Friday – Eileen Ridgway, PhD – Donald Niehaus
Gabriel Pigotti – Frances French – Phil and Billie Capitolo
Gertrude Storino – Jack Corkery – Manda Teller Bauers
Mary Pat Axley – Charles F. Intlekofer – John Lamsek
Werner Hanni – Nancy A. Flohr – Owen Greenough
Marilyn McGee – E.S. and Anne W. Hulse – Grant Baxter
Mary Sundborg – Elizabeth C. Alderman – Agnes Lamsek
Robert Henry, Jr. – Phyllis A. Jaeger – Violet Lowden
Helen Lamb – George Sundborg – Richard Weber
John Guinasso, Sr. – Charles Brousse Mitchell – B. J. Hoover
Mary Alice Goodwin – Kevin J. Henderson