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hist1The first Our Lady of Fatima church was constructed in 1952 in Magnolia on property owned by the Archdiocese of Seattle. Our Lady of Fatima Parish School opened shortly after in January, 1954, and welcomed 122 students.

The school was, and remains, the only Catholic school in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

For more than a decade, the teaching staff at Fatima was comprised of the Sisters of the Presentation who traveled to Washington by train from San Francisco, and resided in the convent located at school. They were a semi-cloistered order and did not mingle with parents or parishioners. With Vatican II hist2 in the mid-1960s the sisters became more active members of the parish. By 1969, their numbers in the teaching profession dwindled and the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary took over teaching at Fatima. The last sister to live in the convent at Fatima retired in 1986 and the last sister on staff left in 2007.

Over the years, our school has been expanded and updated to accommodate additional students, staff and curriculum.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish School opens.

A library and classroom were added.

A new church was built and the original Our Lady of Fatima Church was converted to the school’s first gymnasium. The former convent was converted to what is now the Parish Office.

The gymnasium was updated.

A computer lab was added.

The school began to offer both Kindergarten and a Multi-Sensory Learning program. The school’s administration offices, science lab, music room, library, and computer lab were renovated to provide better space for each.

A science classroom was created using existing space

As the result of a parish-wide capital campaign, a new, regulation-sized gym, an updated lunchroom, a classroom, drama space and additional storage were added to the school.

The Good Shepherd Preschool opened in the school building.