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Absence Reporting/Tardies

Per the guidelines included in our Family Handbook, if your child is ill and will be absent from school, please email the school secretary and copy your child’s teacher, or call the school office between 8:00-8:30am or leave a voicemail message prior to that time.

Prompt arrival at school is expected of all students. Late arrival disrupts class and causes loss of instruction time. A child who arrives at school after 8:30am is considered tardy. Any student who arrives after the class lines have gone in must report to the front office for a tardy slip before going to the classroom. In this circumstance, parents are advised to park on Dravus St as the student must enter through the front door of the school since all entries to the school are secured. Similarly, any time parents come to the school during the day, they must enter through the front door, sign in at the office, and receive a visitor badge. Parents and visitors are to sign out upon leaving the school.

Forgotten Items

Per the guidelines included in our Family Handbook, teachers and classes must not be interrupted during school hours. Forgotten lunches must be left in the lunchroom and other items should be left in the school office.

School Safety and Security

Our Lady of Fatima Parish School requires that each person coming to the school checks in at the front office to sign in and receive a visitor badge. Visitors must sign out upon leaving. We have guidelines in place for fire, earthquake, and other emergencies. Classrooms are equipped with safety kits and frequent drills are scheduled. For the security of our students, school safety guidelines are not widely distributed.


Our school newsletter, The Falcon Courant, is emailed to school parents every Thursday. Past issues are available in our archive.


PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that enables teachers to provide information to middle school students and parents so they can readily access grades and assignments.

Meeting with Teachers

Parents are asked to email teachers to arrange meeting times to take place either before or after daily classroom hours.

Parent-Teacher Club (PTC)

The Fatima PTC is responsible for maintaining good communication between the home and the school and for sponsoring fund raisers and volunteer opportunities for parents. PTC meetings are held periodically throughout the year for parents and school faculty, with child care provided in the school gym for school-aged children.

Extended Care Resources

Beginning Fall 2018, we will be offering on-site extended care for Our Lady of Fatima Parish School students. Details and costs to be announced March 2018.