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The following forms are for parent/guardian use:

Authorization for Administration of Medication at School
This form is required by the Archdiocese of Seattle in order for school staff to give any medication to students at school – including cough drops, Tums, Advil, and Tylenol – and must be completed each school year. If your child regularly needs medication, or if you want to have some on hand for him/her in the school office, please provide the medication in the original package labeled with your child’s name. Remaining medication not collected at the end of the school year will be discarded.

Background Check/Safe Environment Class
ALL school volunteers are required to complete a background check prior to volunteering at school AND must attend a Safe Environment training class within 90 days of submitting their background check.

Background checks and Safe Environment class registrations are submitted through Virtus, a website used by archdioceses throughout the country. (Virtus is for use by school/parish employees/volunteers only.) To create your account, please refer to the Virtus online registration instructions. Click on “First time Registrant,” then click on “Begin the registration process.” Under organization, select “Seattle, WA (Archdiocese)” then create your user name and password. Registrants will be asked to verify if they have taken the archdiocese’s Safe Environment child sexual abuse prevention training course entitled “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.” If you have previously taken the class, you may check the box to that effect and list the date you took it. If you don’t know when you attended, please contact the OLF Parish office to inquire.

If you have not taken the Safe Environment class, you need to attend one within 90 days of submitting your background check. To register for the class, click on the “Training” tab at the top, click “Live Training” at the left, and then click “Pre-register for an upcoming live training in your area.” Scroll through the list of classes until you find a class that works with your schedule and register for it. Classes are regularly offered year-round at parishes throughout the archdiocese. Volunteers need to attend the Safe Environment class only once (requirements may differ for CYO coaches).

Once registered on the site, Virtus will notify volunteers via email when they are due for a background check renewal and online Safe Environment refresher training – both are required every three years. Volunteers do not need to provide certification of background checks or refresher course completion to the school as these records are tracked by the parish office via Virtus.

Washington DOH Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)
Complete by hand, ask pediatrician’s office to print, or download and print the form directly from the Washington MyIR website. Immunizations must be submitted on an official CIS form and must be signed and dated by the parent. Current certificate is required at school entry in order for students to begin Preschool/Pre-K, Kindergarten, and again at 6th Grade (please see the Washington Department of Health website for Vaccine Requirements). Updated certificates are required for transfer students and for returning students who have received additional vaccinations since school entry.

Emergency Information/Child Release Authorization Form, 2017-2018
Annual update form required each school year (1 per family).

Expense Reimbursement Form – PTC Expenses

Expense Reimbursement Form – School Expenses

Field Trip Emergency Information Form
Required each school year (1 per student).

Field Trip Permission Form
For Day Trips – Distributed by homeroom teacher prior to field trips.

(Extended) Field Trip Permission Form
For Overnight Trips only – Distributed by homeroom teacher prior to events such as 6th Grade Camp or the 7th/8th Grade Washington DC trip.

Kindergarten Recommendation Form
Submitted by preschool teacher directly to the school office (not submitted via parents/guardians).

Middle School Youth Group Registration Form, 2017-2018

Milk Program Form, 2017-2018
Required before the start of each school year for students wanting to receive milk at lunch (1 per family).

Parent Partnership Pledge Pledge Form, 2017-2018
What is the Parent Partnership?
Parents are asked to complete their pledges by May 31, 2018.

Speech Team Registration Form, 2017-2018

Student Supply List, 2017-2018

Volunteer Commitment Hours Summary, 2017-2018
Due to school office each year on May 1st (1 per family).

Volunteer Driver Form
Required to drive on school field trips (1 per driver).