Vision and Values

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At Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, we strive to create a vibrant, faith-based environment where each child is respected as an individual and challenged to be the best he or she can be.



Following Jesus’ Great Commandment, we live with grace and compassion for our families, neighbors, and those living on society’s margins.


Called by the Trinity to build the Kingdom, we live in solidarity with our human family, appreciating shared customs and celebrating diversity.


Understanding that we are made by God, we live in and with God so that we may live each day for God.


Inspired by God’s eternal, singular act of creation, we are guided to be stewards, developing our gifts – intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual – while caring for our planet.


Living with the Risen Lord, we are unbridled in our joy as we breathe the Good News, reveling with wonder and awe in our quest for knowledge.