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The school library has a collection of more than 9,500 reference, fiction, and nonfiction books for student and parish use. Library resources are used to support classroom learning and for student research and exploration. Students are taught how to use the online library database, Destiny, to search for and locate books on the shelves. The school librarian provides weekly library time for students in grades kindergarten through fifth.


Our Math Specialist, Mary Ann Van Tassell, brings with her almost 30 years of classroom experience. She has taught Math at every level from 1st to 5th grade and has a solid background in teaching math using concrete and pictorial representations to demonstrate math concepts. Ms. Van Tassell works alongside our homeroom teachers, using bar modeling as a problem-solving method. She supports our teachers in instruction, both identifying students who need support and enrichment and developing plans to target identified areas for growth.


Our school provides a multifaceted music program for all students in preschool through eighth grade.

Our music specialist works with the students to develop their musical skills using voice, recorder, ukulele, piano, and percussion. Students sing for school Masses and participate in the annual Christmas program and other special events throughout the year. The parish’s children’s choir assists with weekend parish liturgies and service projects.

A spring musical is produced each year with auditions held for students in grades five through eight. The student ensemble is challenged with singing harmony, solo singing, dramatic character development, and group choreography. Students also participate in backstage duties such as props, lighting, set painting, and stage managing.

Physical Education

Our physical education program leverages individual and team experiences to encourage and prepare children to be physically and mentally fit and have a positive attitude toward establishing healthy habits to last a lifetime. A variety of activities are used to develop motor skills, physical capabilities, loco-motor movements, body and spatial awareness, cooperation, and hand/foot/eye coordination. Good sportsmanship, positive self-esteem, and a deep appreciation for others are consistently emphasized and encouraged.


Spanish is taught weekly in grades kindergarten through fifth and twice weekly in middle school grades. Our specialist immerses students in Spanish language during class as they learn to speak and write while exploring the many facets of Hispanic cultures.


Our school has embarked on a one-to-one computing initiative and currently has one electronic device for every student in middle school and an overall ratio of one device for every two students.

Our lower primary grades use educational apps and create advanced content on Apple iPads. Upper primary and middle school students use Google Chromebooks for conducting research, for creating engaging content, and for other web-based learning tasks.

Employing the Google Suite for Education, our students are afforded the opportunity to work collaboratively with the use of these devices. Further, having access to these devices offers students the ability to differentiate their learning as they seek out activities and lessons that meet their current needs.

In middle school, students are introduced to a trimester of robotics in their science class and take a trimester-long course in basic computer science. We also offer an after-school creative coding course for intermediate grades.

Teachers use SMART Boards, LCD projectors, and document cameras to enhance student learning.

Visual Arts

Our school art specialists provide a visual arts program for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Students are introduced to a variety of artists and art styles and work on projects using different methods and mediums. Students display art projects throughout the school.

Parents work with students to create group art pieces for the school auction. Notecards featuring student artwork have also been sold at our auction and as a fundraiser to support different causes with which our students are engaged.