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The uniform identifies one as a student of Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, and the school maintains a strong tradition of school uniforms that reflect school pride, modesty, and appropriate regard for personal appearance. Parents are expected to understand and support this policy and help their children make good choices about appropriate attire and grooming. Please contact the school before purchasing any items to be worn at school if you have questions or are unclear about the dress code. Parents are encouraged to utilize our Uniform Exchange where students may borrow uniform items.

Every student in Preschool through 8th Grade is expected to be in uniform every day. Failure to cooperate with the uniform policy will result in uniform infractions; uniform infractions may result in the loss of a non-uniform day.

Where to Purchase / Uniform Exchange

Dennis Uniform is our preferred uniform vendor (Dennis OLF School Code: XSO240). Click here for instructions on setting up your online account. The Dennis Customer Service phone number is 800-854-6951. Please Note: plaid jumpers, skirts, and skorts, are to be purchased ONLY from Dennis Uniform (Mayfair Blue plaid), not from Lands End or other retailers.

Used uniforms are available through Uniform Exchange, a great resource for refreshing your child’s school wardrobe or for handing down gently used uniforms and spirit wear. Take the items you need and return them as your child grows at no cost. Please return only freshly washed uniforms that are free of holes, stains, and fading. If you would not choose an item for your child, it does not belong in the Exchange. Instead, please take it to Goodwill to be recycled through the Threadcycle program.

Parents and Guardians parents are welcome to stop by during school office hours (8:00am to 4:00pm on days when school is in session) to select items from Uniform Exchange.

Please refer to our Uniform Policy and Spirit Wear Guidelines chart for quick reference.

We recommend peel-off name labels from companies such as Name Bubbles or Label Daddy), which can be easily removed when an item is returned to Uniform Exchange.


Parents/Guardians are expected to help children keep the school uniform code.

At Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, we wear uniforms because:

  1. They represent our Catholic school image and tradition.
  2. They discourage differences brought about by various income levels, thus eliminating unnecessary peer pressure and allowing the attention of the students to be directed to learning.
  3. They assure that the dress standards of the school emphasize neatness.
  4. They promote an image of pride both at and away from school and help create a positive climate of discipline and responsibility.
  5. They are less costly to families and more easily maintained.
  6. They promote an attitude of moderation and modesty.

Student Uniform Rules

  1. Students will be in uniforms that fit properly and are neat and clean.
  2. Students will be in uniforms that are in good repair (no holes, rips, tears, frayed edges, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.).
  3. Uniform shirts and blouses must be worn under the school sweatshirt, sweater or vest and are to be tucked into pants/skirts.
  4. T-shirts worn under the uniform shirt or blouse must be plain white.
  5. No sweatshirts, large shirts, sweaters, jackets (other than uniform logo wear) will be worn during school time.
  6. All hats are to be taken off as students enter the building.
  7. Students are not allowed to write on any part of their bodies, as this creates a distraction in the classroom.
  8. All students shall have a uniform sweater, fleece, or sweatshirt and will wear “full uniform” on designated days. Students are required to be dressed in full uniform on Wednesdays for Mass, Prayer Service, or Rosary, for Stewardship Masses, and for other special events. “Full uniform” means wearing uniform sweater, logo fleece, or logo sweatshirt (not athletic) as the top layer of the uniform.

Personal Appearance

HairHair must be neat, clean, with no artificial colors, and appropriately groomed. If a student comes to school with colored hair or highlighted hair, they will be required to have it dyed back to their natural color within a time frame designated by the school. Hairstyles or colors that draw attention to the individual are not acceptable. Students are to keep their hair out of their eyes.

JewelryShould be simple, not distracting, dangling, or overly large. Earring guideline: earrings should be the size of a dime or smaller. Hoop earrings are not allowed for safety reasons. No jewelry should be worn which would impact the students’ safety. No facial piercings of any kind are allowed.

MakeupMiddle school students may wear makeup if it is simple, subtle, and appropriate. Makeup should look natural and not be noticeable; if it is noticeable, then it’s too much for school. Makeup is not to be applied or freshened during the school day.

Uniform Specifics

Belts – Belts will coordinate with uniforms: navy or black in color.

Blouses – Cotton, short- or long-sleeved, Peter Pan collar, white in color.

Coats – Students may not wear hoodies, jean jackets, or outdoor coats inside but instead must be in uniform wearing an OLF logo sweatshirt, fleece jacket, fleece pullover, fleece vest, or Dennis sweater as their top layer as needed for warmth.

Jumpers, skirts, and skorts – Girls in PS-8 wear the Mayfair Blue plaid jumper or skirt (length must extend to the fingertips) available at the Dennis Uniform Company. Girls may also wear the Dennis Uniform khaki, navy, or Mayfair Blue plaid skort (length must extend to the fingertips). Bike shorts in navy or black must be worn under the jumper or skirt but may not be visible.

Leggings – Navy blue or black only. Leggings are to be full length only and without lace trim.

Pants – All pants must be a uniform-style pant. Students in grades PS-5 wear plain navy, regular navy corduroy, or navy cotton/twill long pants, available at the Dennis Uniform Store. Middle school students may wear Dennis Uniform Store khaki pants. Pants must not have contrasting stitching or adornments, and must be ankle length, straight legged, and hemmed to shoe tops. Pants should fit properly, being neither too tight nor excessively baggy. The waistband is to be above the hipline.  No cargo-type pants are allowed.

Shirts – Students in PS-8 wear short- or long-sleeved, button front, knit-polo shirts with collars. Shirts may be solid white, light blue, or navy. All shirts must be tucked into the waistband. (NO logos or crests permitted.)

Shorts – Students may wear uniform, khaki, walking-length shorts in cotton twill (not knit or athletic style). Shorts must extend below the fingertips and not fall below the knees.

Socks – All students are required to wear socks at all times. These must be visible above the shoe and can include anklets, various sport sock styles, or knee-highs.

Shoes – Shoes are to be tennis shoes or flats/Mary Janes with non-marking soles to preserve our gym floor. They must have a fully enclosed toe and heel. Sandals, Uggs, heelies, Crocs, or flip flops are not allowed. No boots of any kind are allowed to be worn with the uniform except at outdoor recess during inclement weather. If boots are worn to school, students must bring tennis shoes to change into for comfort in the classroom and for safety during PE.

Sweaters, Fleece, or Sweatshirts – The “top layer” of a uniform sweater or a fleece jacket, fleece vest, or sweatshirt with the OLF logo completes the full uniform. There are many comfortable choices available to complement your student’s uniform including the Dennis Uniform v-neck cardigan, sweater vest, or long-sleeve, crewneck pullover sweater in Mayfair Blue or navy, as well as the navy Dennis sleeveless fleece vest, fleece jacket, and uniform sweatshirt embroidered with the OLF logo. All sweaters, fleece, and sweatshirts must fit appropriately and need to be kept in good repair and replaced when needed.

Tights – White, navy, or black only.

Non-Uniform Days (“Free Dress” Days)

Occasionally the school will announce non-uniform (free dress) days. It is the parents/guardians’ responsibility to send their children in appropriate attire for school. Dress on these days must be neat, modest, and appropriate for school. The following rules must be followed:

  • Jeans, cargo pants, and sweatpants are allowed, as long as they are in good repair (no holes, rips, tears, frayed edges, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.). All pants must be worn at a reasonably normal waist level.
  • Leggings must be worn under tops, skirts, or dresses that are mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses must cover the shoulders and midriff. Collars should not drop more than one inch below the collar bone.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend to the student’s fingertips. They must be worn at a reasonably normal waist level.
  • Clothing should not be clingy, tight, or excessively baggy.
  • No military clothing. Imprints on clothing may not refer to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, profanity, or anything in poor or questionable taste.

On Fridays throughout the year, unless otherwise indicated, students are permitted to wear spirit wear. Spirit wear includes any Our Lady of Fatima sweatshirt or t-shirts that are available for purchase by the entire student body. If a student chooses not to wear spirit wear, then they may always wear their uniform. Spirt Wear Fridays only occur on Fridays, not on other days when the school week is shortened due to a holiday or break.

Current trends and fads will be addressed as they arise. Should changes be made, students and families will be informed. The goal is to maintain an atmosphere that reflects Catholic values and is conducive to academic pursuits.

If a student does not comply with the dress code for either uniform or non-uniform items, the problem will be brought to his or her attention, and they will be asked not to wear the item(s) to school. The student may be asked to wear an alternative item from Uniform Exchange while in school that day. If the problem persists, parents/guardians will be notified, and the student will forfeit his or her next non-uniform dress day. Our Lady of Fatima Parish School reserves the right to send any student home to change following parent/guardian notification.