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Stepping onto the OLF campus, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence. Each staff member’s email address is accessible at the bottom of their profile. Just click the envelope icon next to “MEET ME ON” should you wish to contact them. Click below to learn more about our team!

Christopher Smith
Betsy McCormick
Vice Principal, Student Support & Early Learning
Susan Gimbl
School Secretary/Registrar/Admissions
Ashley Mathey-Owens
Development Director/Events
Erin Burke
Advancement Director
Leslie Simons
Business Manager/Tuition/Financial Aid
Vicki Norman
School Counselor
Tricia Bolding
Reading Specialist
Eric Bradler
Music/Computer Science/IT
Madison Caley
3rd Grade Teacher
Prissia Castillo
Inclusion Specialist
Hope Chamberlain
Middle School ELA & Literature
Connor Desai
Middle School Math
Eric Dresbeck
PE & 6th Grade Social Studies
Brendan Durie
2nd Grade Instructional Aide/CYO Director
Shelley Faivre
Ayelech Gebremeskele
Preschool Instructional Aide
Chrissy Gelmini
3rd Grade Instructional Aide
Mary Grace Gockowski
2nd Grade Teacher
Katie Hanin
4th Grade Teacher
Kathy Heinrich
Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Sarah Hill
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Rose Hutchings-Perez
1st Grade Instructional Aide
Eva Laslop
Kindergarten Instructional Aide
James Lescantz
School Custodian
Ellie Metcalf
1st Grade Teacher
Jamie Mulvihill
7th/8th Grade Math & Religion
Chaya Nguyen
5th Grade Teacher
Jordyn Porea
5th Grade Instructional Aide
Regan Sides
4th Grade Instructional Aide
Lissa Sutermeister
Kindergarten Teacher
Grace Thompson
K-5 Math Specialist
Jerry Verhoff
Middle School Science & Social Studies
Paul Walker
Early Learning & Extended Care Assistant
Shelly Weinstein
Art Instructional Aide
Karen Witkowski
Preschool Teacher
Kate Youngblood
6th Grade Math/Religion & Extended Care Director