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I loved how close my class was and how we felt like a family.

Carolyn ‘17

I always felt safe in that community.

Sofia ‘18

OLF was an amazing place to go to school for nine years. It shaped my work ethic and the caring attitude that I have today.

Paige ‘17

The teachers invest a lot of time into each student.

Margaret ‘18

OLF is a loving and welcoming community that pushes you to be the very best you can be.

Lauren ‘18

As I entered middle school, I had a problem with organization. Throughout my three years in middle school, each teacher worked with me to correct this. By the time I finished 8th grade, my organization was much better and because of this skill, the transition to high school was much easier.

Lucas ‘16

OLF taught the value of being a person for others that has been further enforced at Seattle Prep.

Christina ‘17

My lasting impression is being welcomed very open-heartedly by my class as I entered in 4th grade and being able to ease into the community.

Kara ‘15

I felt prepared academically as well as spiritually with the amount of service we did.

Aine ‘15

When I went to high school, I knew what a good community felt like and what good friends and teachers looked like.

Margaret ‘17

Looking back now I realize OLF shaped me as not only a good student but a good human being. I gained the tools necessary be to successful in the classroom and I gained the tools and skills to be a good member or society. OLF laid the foundation for who I am today.

Lucas ‘16

My favorite memory of OLF is growing up with the people around me and feeling like I had a family outside of my home.

Louise ‘15

OLF helped me to lay the foundation for my faith today.

Lucas ‘16

OLF is a fantastic small school that feels like a second home.

Alex ‘17

OLF is a place where well-hearted people are made.

Kurtis ‘15

OLF was a great, fun, loving place that prepared me for high school.

Eddie ‘15

I still believe in the same values I gained at OLF. I love the idea of being a lifelong learner and learning more throughout life.

Louise '15

The speech program helped me greatly with public speaking, in front of my class and the school.

John '18

My experience at OLF and the classes I took helped prepare me a lot for Seattle Prep.

Helena ‘15

Split classes and our school “families” allowed us to build relationships outside of our grade and strengthen the school community.

Kara ‘15

Our Lady of Fatima School is truly a neighborhood Catholic school. The majority of students in each year’s graduating 8th grade class have been together since kindergarten, and our parish is filled with people who were either school parents or alumni of Fatima — or both!

We are delighted and proud each year to have many former students returning to enroll their own children. We have several third generation Falcon families!