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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Our Guiding Principles

Rooted in Our Lady of Fatima Parish School’s Mission to enable curious minds and compassionate hearts in a safe environment where each student’s gifts develop to serve our world and guided by Catholic Social Teaching, the DEI Committee strives to:

  • Build an inclusive community, where all diversity is truly welcomed and celebrated
  • Develop students who are allies and advocates for themselves, their peers, and their community
  • Develop antiracist students
  • Create safe opportunities to learn and foster conversations
  • Acknowledge and break the silence regarding past and present inequity and injustice
  • Create and promote access for those who have been systematically denied opportunities to share and to be in places of influence

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers across the school faculty and staff and the parent and guardian community. We are focused on helping make our school and community a better place.

2023-2024 DEI Members:

Principal Christopher Smith

Erin Burke

Prissia Castillo

Mike Krepick

Nicole Kwan

Rashmi Netto

Chaya Nguyen

Vicki Norman

Kristin Petchnick

Esperanza Salazar