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Students wishing to celebrate their birthday with a treat at school should bring items that are nut and seed free. Treats should be dropped off in the school office in the morning, and students will share the treats with classmates at the end of the day or at a time of the homeroom teacher’s choosing. Treats must be pre-cut into individual portions and must not require refrigeration or freezing. Parents are to provide napkins, plates, and any necessary utensils. Parents are asked to notify the homeroom teacher and the school office via email at least one day prior to the celebration.

Party invitations are not to be handed out at school or at carpool. Please send invitations by mail or email consulting either class lists or the family directory for addresses and emails. We respect and understand the financial obligations of inviting every student; however, it can be hurtful when one or two children from a class are left out. Therefore, unless a party involves only a few students, invitations should be extended to the entire class, to all boys in the class, or to all girls in the class. Please use mail or telephone to make any other arrangements. If possible, please do not pick up children from carpool for parties where the whole class is not included.