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During lunchtime, children who bring peanut butter sandwiches or other items containing nuts or seeds are required to sit at the “nut table.” Examples of other such items are dried seaweed and hummus, which are made with sesame, and Nutella, which is made with hazelnuts. Students with these items in their lunches must sit at the nut table.

In addition, as snacks are often eaten in the classroom, at recess, or in the lunchroom before after school activities, snacks containing nuts and/or seeds pose a hazard to children who have allergies to nuts, seeds, and their oils. Please refrain from sending foods containing nuts or seeds with your children for snacks or birthday treats.

Lastly, as a reminder, no food or drink is allowed in the gym. If your child is at school for a sports practice or game, they must consume any snacks in the lunchroom. Non-nut/seed snacks are preferred, but if a child eats any snacks containing nuts, he/she must wash hands before entering the gym as residue can easily spread to fellow players during sports activities.