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At no time are parents/guardians or visitors allowed to enter the school or the school grounds during the school day without first checking in at the office. This policy enables the school to keep track of who is in the building and is a safety measure.

Each person coming to the school is required to enter through the main door (Dravus) and to report directly to the school office to sign in. Ours is a secure campus with doors locked at all times and students/staff are trained to keep doors closed and not open them to anyone.

Visitors are asked to wear a visitor’s badge from the office as immediate identification to staff and students that the person has a valid reason to be in the building. The visitor’s badge must be visible and worn at all times while in the building. Visitors must sign out prior to leaving the school building.

The only exception is for volunteers driving on field trips as they are not staying in the building. Instead, field trip drivers are to enter through the front door and proceed directly to the classroom to check in with the teacher.