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Eric Bradler

Bachelor of Arts, Music and Mathematics
University of Denver

Master of Arts, Music
University of Denver

BTIC (Bringing Theatre Into The Classroom) certified, James Hill Ukulele Initiative certified

Why did you become an educator?
I was inspired by my middle school music teacher who went out of his way to provide opportunities that challenged my skills beyond what was required in the curriculum. Also, I believe that growing up with two blind parents instilled an eagerness in me to help to those who struggle and may need things to be explained in a different way.

What is your favorite quote?
“You only need to practice on the days that you eat.”

What is your favorite book?
I having always been a fan of problem solving and puzzles, so I naturally love the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Why I enjoy teaching at OLF?
OLF does a great job teaching students to have a growth mindset. They are challenged to improve and perform at their very best in all classes and at all times, no matter what their skill level is.

Outside of school, I enjoy…
Performing for and attending theater around Seattle, teaching at Seattle University, playing tennis, and working with power tools.