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Shelley Faivre

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish
University of California at Santa Barbara

Graduate work in Spain, France, and Mexico.,

Endorsements in Spanish K-12, Elementary Education, Bilingual Education

Why did you become an educator?
The day I realized I wanted to become a teacher was when, as an instructional assistant, I was helping a little boy in San Diego who had recently arrived from Honduras, didn’t speak English, and had already experienced some very difficult things in life at an early age. He needed academic support and was very serious. He didn’t smile. Finally, after several weeks of working with him, he smiled, and it was the best feeling in the world. I felt hope for him and that he would progress. I realized, just as my teachers had made such a difference for me in my life, I too could possibly do the same.

What is your favorite quote?
“It’s a perfect day to have a perfect day!”

Why I enjoy teaching at OLF?
I love the element of creativity we as teachers get to enjoy, and I am always appreciative that my subject allows me to talk with students about so many things! That exchange of energy with the students and getting to laugh with them is one of my primary joys as a teacher. I’m grateful for the enthusiasm that the students and parents have for learning languages here at Our Lady of Fatima, and I’m grateful for the community as a whole. I like the fact that OLF considers very important the mission of knowing others and of caring for one another. Toward that goal, if I’m able to help to create “world citizens” with my efforts as a teacher, that would make me very happy.

Outside of school, I enjoy…
Reading in Spanish and French and I am member of a Spanish language book club. My son, husband, and I enjoy hiking in the Northwest and cooking good food!